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The Careers Team



TEL: 07741 876508


TEL: 07741 876508



TEL - 01904 567616

• Work experience
• Essential Life Skills
• CV writing and interview practice
• Employer visits

TEL – 01904 567616



TEL – 01723 330629


Careers at SPRS


At SPRS we provide each pupil with an individual and unique package of independent career advice from Year 7 through to year 11; every parent will receive a careers action plan for their child in each academic year, these will increase as the pupil looks towards post 16 options. Year 11s will all receive help and support with applications for college, employment or apprenticeships and all pupils will receive access to local employers, whether that is through workplace visits, work experience or individual speakers.

Careers advice is also embedded into the curriculum and particularly runs through the PSHE curriculum covering the theme Living in the Wider World, (Economic Wellbeing and being a Responsible Citizen). This
This core theme focuses on:

1. about respect for self and others and the importance of responsible behaviours and actions

2. about rights and responsibilities as members of families, other groups and ultimately as citizens

3. about different groups and communities

4. to respect diversity and equality and how to be a productive member of a diverse community

5. about the importance of respecting and protecting the environment

6. about where money comes from, keeping it safe and the importance of managing it effectively

7. the part that money plays in people’s lives

8. a basic understanding of enterprise

You can find out more information and details in our Careers Guidance Policy here or our Career Plan here


External Providers

We welcome all employers who would like to come and speak to the pupils about their careers.
Please find further information in our Provider Access Policy on how to come into school to talk to our pupils about your service.


Work Experience

Work experience is available on an individual basis for those pupils who feel confident to participate and show motivation, ambition and a level of maturity to enable them to participate in work experience.
Here are some examples of the work experience our pupils have participated in PHOTOS


National Parks Authority


Employer Visits

Amelia’s Chocolates
Yorkshire Coast Radio
Fire Station
Sea Life Centre



Gatsby Benchmarks

This is what you can expect the careers plan to look like based around the Gatsby Benchmarks


The eight Gatsby benchmarks of Good Career Guidance

Careers at SPRS will provide, as a minimum, the following opportunities to meet this benchmark:

1.A stable Careers Programme

Your whole-school careers programme which:

 · Is written down

  • · Is approved by the board of governors
  • · Has the explicit backing of senior leadership
  • · Has resources allocated to it sufficient to meet the needs of a high-quality career advice and guidance programme for all of our students
  • · Has systematic monitoring in place to ensure that the careers programme is meeting the needs of our students
  • · Has both strategic and operational elements
  • · Is published on our school's website with information aimed specifically at: § Students § Teachers § Employers § Parents/Carers

2. Learning from career and labour market information

  • · Years 7 to 11 every student is offered at least one  1:1 Careers interview with an independent CIAG advisor with an individual careers action plan
  • · Year 11 assembly programme presentations from external providers · KS4 yearly visit to Engineering Week at The Spa
  • Yearly Careers Drop down day with visiting speakers, CV writing lessons and mock interviews.
  • Yearly programme of Employer Visits for Y10s


3. Addressing the needs of each pupil

  • · Every pupil will have one to one Advice and Guidance from North Yorkshire’s Specialist Careers Service.
  • · Destination Data monitored by the Careers Lead

   SPRS will work with the Enterprise Ambassador on areas of individual


  • · KS3: PSHCE; Choices, making informed decisions, resilience, actions and consequences, building awareness of labour market.
  • · Year 10: Essential Life Skills delivered by NYBEP
  • · Year 11: Careers; a series of presentations conducted by a variety of local colleges and providers explaining the number of courses and pathways that are available post 16, including apprenticeship opportunities.
  • · Y11 students have the opportunity to fill in application forms or complete applications through Log on Move on with Careers Adviser.
  • Y11 will be taken by staff to open days, taster days and interviews where appropriate.

4. Linking curriculum learning to careers

  • · Links to careers within subject lessons
  • · Assemblies linking subjects to various careers.

5. Encounters with employers and employees

Assembly programme presentations from a range of external providers

  • · Year 9-11 Yearly Science Fair
  • · KS3 Employer visit to Flamingoland
  • · Whole school Drop Down Careers Day
  • · Open days and taster days at Skills Village
  • · KS4 access to Construction and Hospitality at Scarborough TEC

EDT – ‘Dragon’s Den’

  • · KS4 Mock Interviews
  • · Solar Boat Challenge at Elvington
  • · EDT Science Activity Days
  • · FE College open days
  • · Work Experience on an individual basis if appropriate.
  • · Y10 Employer Visits throughout May and June

   Y10 – 6 days of work experience with National Parks Authority

  Charitable events

6. Experiences of workplaces

  • Year 10 Employer visits
  • KS3 employer visit to Flamingoland
  • High Pass trips and visits e.g. RSPCA
  • Sports venues e.g. boxing, Judo.
  • Scarborough TEC
  • Skills Village

7. Encounters with further and higher education

Year 11 assembly programme presentations from external providers e.g. Army careers.

  • · Y11 Scarborough TEC taster days on an individual basis
  • · Y11Bishop Burton taster days on an individual basis
  • · Students supported to attend Scarborough Sixth form open evenings
  • · KS4 open days and taster days at Skills Village

  Talks from apprenticeship providers

  • · Visits to YH training and Futureworks

8. Personal Guidance

KS4 Mock interviews and CV writing with business partners

  • · On line Careers matching programmes
  • · financial literacy
  • · whole school individual careers interviews with an independent advisor
  • · Y11 post 16 applications with an independent careers advisor





Useful links for pupils


Real stories to inspire your career


careers advice


films about different careers




Further Education Colleges



Labour market information


Useful links for parents

Link to SPRS careers plan


Training Bursary


(link here to destination data)


Post 16 Options


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