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Student v Staff BAKE OFF!

Mrs Rawson decided to host our very own in-school competition, ‘The Great PRS Bake Off’. Pupils and staff organised themselves into teams, it was fantastic to see parents come into school to team up with their children too. All teams had to create the perfect scone, in any flavour they think would work best. Some teams chose sweet and others savory.

Teams were given the basic recipe with the tweaks of flavours and consistency their own responsibility to work out. The teamwork and communication shown in the competition was great. All pupils and staff really gave it their all, taking it very seriously with some friendly competition from start to finish. You can see in the pictures that the event was a huge success and a lot of fun.

In the end, there could only be one winning team, which was… Mr Tostevin & Mr Brannan! The 3 judges, Mrs Fox, Mrs Chopping and Mrs Ford, rated their mixed berry and white chocolate scones the ultimate winner! They were presented with the ‘PRS Bake Off’ trophy – which I’m sure we will hear about for many years to come.

What would your perfect scone be?