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Management Committee

Management Committee

The composition of our Management Committee is diverse and brings together a wide range of skills and expertise from within the world of education and also the wider world.

To fulfil our roles of providing the strategic lead, monitoring and review we meet on average once every half term.

The full Management Committee meet four times a year, other meetings take place to focus on school improvement and school resources.  Currently all Management Committee Members are asked to attend all meetings


Management Committee Self Evaluation – Autumn Term 2018

1)    Work effectively with leaders to communicate the vision, strategic direction of the school and develop a culture of ambition. Good

Evidence: School vision and aims prominent at all Management Committee meetings.  Regular strategic meetings with Headteacher with Chair and Vice Chair to cover all aspects of School Improvement.  Weekly contact between Chair and Headteacher.  E-mails to Local Authority.  Ofsted Report.


2)    Provide a balance of challenge and support to leaders, understanding the strengths and areas needing improvement at the school, understand the issues facing the school. Good

Evidence: Focussed governor visits linked to School Development Plan, Assistant Headteacher appointment process, informal planned governor visit, eg Christmas lunch, self-evaluation of progress with priorities, SDP focussed meetings, Headteacher report to governors, newsletters, Management Committee minutes with challenging questions.


3)    Provide support for an effective Headteacher. Good

Evidence: Strategic meetings with robust conversation.  Make considered appointments to Management Committee to ensure governors have necessary skills and can therefore make a positive contribution.  Ensure meetings are timed helpfully and managed.  Governors take up training opportunities.  Joint working on School Development Plan.


4)    Understand how the school makes decision about teachers’ salary progression and performance. Good

Evidence:  Chair and Vice Chair review anonymised data and sample teacher appraisal targets to be agreed for autumn term 2018.  Ofsted report judged leadership and management to be outstanding.


5)    Performance manage the Headteacher rigorously. Good

Evidence: Headteacher job description reviewed and changed to meet current needs of PRS.  Meeting with Headteacher, advice sought from Senior Local Authority adviser, Performance Management review and new appraisal targets set autumn term 2018.


6)    Understand the impact of teaching, learning and assessment on progress of pupils. Good

Evidence: Governor link visits, HT report to governors on quality of teaching, progress data.  External reports and Headteacher paired monitoring visits.  Focussed input at School Development Plan meeting, eg marking and feedback, science and Boxall.


7)    Ensure that assessment information from leaders provides governors with sufficient and accurate information to ask probing questions about outcomes for pupils. Good

Evidence: Continue to work with Headteacher to provide timely, accurate, accessible data on pupil progress.  Presentation by staff on marking and feedback, Boxall and support for emotional learning and science.


8)    Ensure that the school’s finances are properly managed and can evaluate how the school uses pupil premium. Good

Evidence: Vice chair has financial expertise, termly budget updates, governor visit focussed on SEND, Pupil Premium specific visit to review strategy and impact of spending, autumn 2018.


9)    Ensure that Management Committee is transparent and accountable, including the recruitment of staff, governance structures, attendance at meetings and contact with parents. Good

Evidence: Website, active participation in recruitment of Assistant Headteachers, effective clerking and good links with school administration, new Instrument of Governance.  New parent governor recruited.  Regular audit of governor skills.  Informal feedback from clerking service.


            Action Points for 2018/19

  1. 1.    Continue to actively seek Community Governor
  2. 2.    Ensure website is updated and compliant
  3. 3.    Continue to develop strategies to seek parental views, eg comment postcards and make contact eg Crafternoon
  4. 4.    Headteacher performance Management – midterm review
  5. 5.    Teacher pay review date to be agreed
  6. 6.    Continue to make focussed visits in line with School Development Plan
  7. 7.    Continue to commission input for staff on school priorities
  8. 8.    Training opportunities


Management Committee 2018/2019



Completed Term of Office


Position of Responsibility

Date of Appointment/Term of Office



Rosemary Rayne


Feb 2014 – Feb 2018



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