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Through our continuing collaboration with Arcade Arts we have been lucky enough to secure funding to take some pupils to London. This gave the pupils many first time experiences, firstly travelling away from home to a large city that neither of the pupils had been to before.

The main aim of the trip was to see the Beat Box version of the Pied Piper of Hamlyn which was real multicultural experience, we then participated in a beat-boxing workshop which tested all our resilience levels.

In the evening we spent some time exploring what London has to offer, navigating new areas, places to eat, different people and new sights and sounds.  Spending the first time in a hotel on their own

The next day was spent visiting some more culturally famous sites and experiencing the high cost of living in London!

But probably the biggest challenge was going on the Tube for the first every time! Navigating the underground map, the payment systems and the barriers!

The visit was an overall success, not just in terms new experiences but overcoming anxieties, becoming independent, trying new things, talking to new people and helping one another. We would particularly like to thank Shan at Arcade Arts for organising the trip to perfection, the staff at Battersea Arts Centre for being so welcoming and to the parents for getting the pupils to the train on time!