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This year we created our own very own Christmas Appeal. We have placed a beautiful lit tree in the common room with tags on of requests from a local charity for individuals or families struggling this Christmas. Both staff and pupils have brought in their own donations towards this which will be very much appreciated.

We are extremely proud of one of our Year 11 pupils who decided to take on a sponsored silence for a whole day, only talking at break and lunchtime to raise money to purchase items for our Christmas Tree Appeal. She knew it had to be extreme for staff to sponsor her a good amount of money. The pupil would tell you herself how loud and talkative she is, there is rarely a moment of silence.

We are so proud to tell you that she raised a whopping £161! With this amount she went out on a shopping trip and managed to fill a trolley with various items including; gloves, toiletries, socks, selection boxes, sweets, toys and more. We have partnered with a local charity in Eastfield where we will be making all of our donations before we finish for Christmas. As we are such a small school, it is an incredible amount and we hope she is as proud of herself as we are of her.

Keep a look out in our local newspaper for a full write up!