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We have a total of 40 places at the PRS

12 of these are called preventative places, schools can refer a pupil who is at the edge of permanent exclusion for a preventative place, and this will be agreed through the Local Inclusion Panel which is held every 3 weeks. Pupils on preventative places can be supported by us on bespoke programmes of study; it is likely that these pupils will return to mainstream school to complete their education at some point. PRS will work closely with the pupil’s school to ensure a smooth transition back to their main provision.

Pupils on a preventative place may also be those who:

  • Are, due to exceptional circumstances, awaiting a place in a mainstream school.
    •For a variety of reasons are not able to access the curriculum in a mainstream setting.
    •Would benefit from smaller class sizes and higher teacher/pupil ratios and a more therapeutic approach.
    •Would benefit from a more vocational curriculum.
    •Have been out of education for a long period of time and are using a preventative place as a transition back into mainstream.

Any parent who is considering The PRS as an appropriate school to meet the needs of their child must, in the first instance, discuss this with their current mainstream school. All admissions of preventive places to the PRS in Scarborough require agreement at the Local Inclusion Panel and close liaison with the schools concerned.

28 of these are statutory placements, these are for pupils who

  • have been permanently excluded from school
    •due to medical needs cannot access full time mainstream education
    •Who are directed to us by the Local Authority

A Statutory pupil in year 11 is likely to complete the year with us and take external, national examinations at our Centre.

Key Stage 4 Parallel and Alternative Provision

Pupils who gain a place in our KS4 provision will be offered the opportunity to take at least four GCSEs, of which the core GCSEs will be English Language, English Literature, maths and science. Pupils will also have access to PE, RE, PSHE and art, as well as Functional Skills qualifications in maths and English.

We also offer cooking, SEAL (social and emotional aspects of learning) and Beach school to meet the social and emotional needs of our learners.  

However, bespoke packages may be built around a pupil’s needs and interests if there are barriers which prevent them accessing the curriculum.

Vocational Experience

During Key Stage 4 pupils have the opportunity to attend the local Technical College (TEC), once a week, to experience a variety of different practical subjects such as Construction (including plumbing, joinery, brickwork, plastering and decorating), Hospitality, Media, Drama, Health and Social Care, Hair and Beauty and Motor Vehicle.

These courses combine practical skills with theory and are taught by industry professionals.

There are also a number of providers within the local area whose offer may be accessed by pupils following our Alternative Provision route. These include the Skills Village for those interested in the construction trade and the Academy with a focus on hair and beauty. There are also computer-based opportunities, sport-based interventions as well as provision built around outdoor learning linked to agriculture, land-based studies, animal and water management.

Baseline Assessments

On starting at the PRS, the pupil, their parents/carers and any involved professionals will be invited to an initial welcome and information sharing meeting.

Your child will then be expected to spend the first week on a reduced timetable completing baseline assessments. This is so we have a good understanding of how to differentiate for your child’s teaching and learning. It also enables us to identify any gaps in learning and track progress over the span of their time with us.

If you require further curriculum information contact us.