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Yet another busy week, as always, here at the PRS. We have had a successful visit to The Scarborough Spa’s Science and
Engineering event, the region’s biggest showcase to inspire youngpeople into skill-based careers. There were dozens of employers and
organisations engaging with our pupils to show how science, design,technology, engineering and mathematics skills make a difference.
Exhibitors offered the pupils to try out their interactive, hands-onactivities – something different to classroom-based learning. It was
fantastic to see our pupils so engaged and joining in with theactivities around the STEM event.We are continuing to focus on reading as a whole school to help
pupils develop their focus and concentration whilst also building their own vocabulary and improve their comprehension. Mr Brannan had a great idea of a “Reading Leaderboard” in his classroom, which has been extremely successful. Pupils are awarded points for reading, volunteering to read and completing chapters. Mr Brannan and Miss Oldham are updating this daily as the friendly competition continues between pupils to get their name on the podiums. Who will take 1st, 2nd and 3rd place at the end of this half term?! As a parent you can make a huge difference! Parents are the most important educators in a child’s life – even more important than their teachers – and it’s never too late to start encouraging them to read, read together or to even to them if they’re willing to sit and listen. It can be about anything, it doesn’t have to be a book, how about a magazine based on something of interest? Or asking them to read you the news from the internet? As always on Friday we end the learning week with our enrichment sessions. Pupils split into different, chosen lessons. Some headed off to the gym, some others paid a visit to “Mandy Apple” – a local art gallery/artist studios as part of the photography/videography project they have just embarked on. The remaining pupils split between Beach/Forest School, this week they headed to a local beach for some outdoorsy fun. In Arts & Crafts, this week the pupils in this session began making their pinecone creations! The theme so far has been Christmas. It was fantastic to see a pinecone turned into a mini Christmas tree! – photos will follow once they are a little further ahead. To finish, we had a lovely little surprise birthday gathering in the kitchen for one of our Y11’s, 16th birthday. Their parent had brought in beautifully designed cupcakes, enough for every person in the school to have one, along with balloons and a 16 plaque for all to sign. It was a lovely touch and a very wholesome way to sign the week off. Enjoy your weekend, be safe and see you Monday!